1100 years ago, during the final years of the Sargonian Empire, the leaders of the eladrin nations sought to protect their culture and population by saving their cities. Some stories say they imbued the cities with a portion of the magical energy of the Feywild, others say the used the magical energies from the souls of the greatest leaders of the city. They filled the cities with magical energy, and used the energy to raise the cities from the ground.

For the past eleven centuries these flying cities have traveled, using the magic that had been instilled in them, separated from the events occurring below. The land beneath them still remains untamed, as beasts and monsters roam wild and uncontrolled. Recently, fledgling kingdoms have grown out of the unstable world, though most of them are loosely held together in name only.

Misfortune however, was not content to terrorize only the surface. Six months ago, without warning, one of the flying cities that survived untouched for so long disappeared overnight.

Troubles in the Air

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